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27) On this point see, Aime Cesaire's, Lettre a Maurice Thorez (Paris: Presence Africaine, 1956).
Rend Parize, "La Strategie patronale au Creusot pendant les greves de 1899-1900," Cahiers de l'Institut Maurice Thorez 12 (1978): 22.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: market management for the rehabilitation of 48 units at 13 and 15 rue maurice thorez to deols
This is the renovation of the halls and landings of residence Gentianes 1-8 rue Maurice Thorez located in Clermont-Ferrand.
In 1995 she graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow State Linguistic University.
Cleaning of premises in various municipal buildings: Palace of Sports Maurice Thorez, House music, hall, leisure center etc.