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Version 10.9 of the Mac OS X operating system. Introduced in October 2013, Mavericks features Apple Maps, a streamlined calendar, an enhanced Safari browser with social integration, iBooks synchronization with iOS devices and an iCloud keychain that remembers passwords. Users can also interact with their mail, calendar and message notifications without leaving the app they are working in.

For the first time, Finder supports tabs, consolidating multiple file views into one open app. Tags allow files to be grouped together in a manner somewhat similar to Windows' Libraries. Tag groups cross all boundaries, including Finder, apps and iCloud.

A Free Upgrade
The Mavericks upgrade is free to Mac OS X users going back as far as Snow Leopard. By giving it away and encouraging all Mac users to upgrade, Apple is no longer required to support security updates on earlier versions of the OS.

Last Cat - First Dog
Starting with Mavericks, which is a popular surfing area a quarter mile off Pillar Point Harbor in Northern California, Apple dropped the jungle cats naming for its Mac operating system: Mac OS X Version 10.8 is Mountain Lion, and Version 10.9 is Mavericks.

Mavericks turns out to be an ironic first choice in a new naming category, because the area was named after a dog. Maverick, a white-haired German Shepherd, accompanied three Half Moon Bay surfers to this spot in 1961, and although the waves were not perfect that day, Maverick had a great time, so they named the place after him. The area is actually spelled "Maverick's." See Mac OS X.
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family name of two brothers, Bret and Bait; self-centered and untrustworthy gentlemen gamblers. [TV: Terrace, II, 80]
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Although I cannot claim to fully grasp the details of Mavrick's proprietary magic, I can at least attest that the Cabernet came through it with flying colors and no discernible aroma loss.
Fries sued her employer in 2006, alleging the company knew the machine was a safety hazard, a charge given more weight by the admission of another Mavrick employee who said he told company supervisors about a similar occurrence with the same machine two years before the Fries' incident.
is looking to open a franchise store in Eugene by early next year, said Nick Mavrick, vice president of global strategy and marketing.
The website itself was created by Dave Bowker, a former multimedia student at Huddersfield University, and graduate graphic designer Dan Hough, who now runs his own company called Mavrick Thought.
Mavrick Khahra, of Stadium Close, Holbrooks, has just celebrated his sixth birthday, but he has the understanding of a 12 month old.
Carol Cullar is editor of The Mavrick Press, a literary journal, in Eagle Pass, Texas.
In fact, so conservative were they that the few "stray sheep" in their midst -- such centrists as Florida's Claude Pepper, Texas's Maury Mavrick, Alabama's Lister Hill -- seemed positively pink.
Through the efforts of Mavrick Saguiguit and Lawrence Castro, the Olivarez Sea Lions raced to a 26-14 first quarter lead which proved big enough for the Dolphins overcome.
of Worcester; two great grandsons, Kyle and Mavrick Rizy; several nieces and nephews.
Nick Mavrick is vice president of global strategy and marketing for Volvo Construction Equipment Rents, Inc.
Members of the board of directors include Alex Arreazza, Tom Aubin, Martin Bidwill, Ace Blackburn, Monique Brochu, Adam Chotiner, Fred Haddad, Dora Kaufman, David Keller, Deborah Poore Knight, George Lane, Pete Mavrick, Robin Rosenbaum, Mimi Sall, Leonard Samuels, Judge Barry S.