Mawlay Ismail

Ismail, Mawlay


(Mulay Ismail). Born about 1646; died Mar. 20, 1727, in Meknès. Sultan of Morocco of the Alawid (Filalid) dynasty; his reign began in 1672. He brutally suppressed feudal uprisings and rebellions by tribes and drove Europeans out of a number of areas of Morocco, capturing al-Mamurah from the Spaniards in 1681 and driving the English from Tangier in 1684. He unified the entire country. His army of Buakhar Negroes reached 150,000 men. He encouraged the development of trade and the construction of cities.


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The walls of the city go back to Mawlay Ismail, in 1688, as well as the Kasba disambiguation needed Bel-Kush but most of the city is quite modern and forms an important economic centre for the region particularly in the areas of petrochemical production as well as textile manufacturing which forms the backbone of the wider community.