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Müller, Max


(Friedrich Max Müller). Born Dec. 6, 1823, in Dessau; died Oct. 28, 1900, in Oxford. English philologist. Specialist in general linguistics, Indology, and mythology. Professor at Oxford University (1854–76).

Müller belonged to the naturalistic school of linguistics; however, unlike A. Schleicher, he regarded language not as a self-sufficient organism but only as a necessary function of the human organism. According to Müller, the development of language is in its growth, its natural development; linguistics, on the other hand, is a natural science. Even before the neogrammarians, Müller emphasized the importance of studying unwritten languages; he pointed out the leading role of living dialectal speech in language development.

Müller translated and published the Rig-Veda (6 vols., 1849–74) and edited the series The Sacred Books of the East (55 vols., 1879–1924).


History of the Ancient Sanskrit Literature. London, 1859.
In Russian translation:
Lektsii po nauke o iazyke. St. Petersburg, 1865.
Sravnitel’naia mifologiia. Moscow, 1863.
Nauka o iazyke, issues 1–2. Voronezh, 1868–70.


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Müller, G. M. The Life and Letters of F. M. Müller, vols. 1–2. London, 1902.
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Australia nearly equalised in the 24th minute when Grant Schubert dribbled round Germany goalkeeper Christian Schulte and sent in a reverse hit but defender Max Muller blocked the ball.
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Max Muller's EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY (0486436748, $14.95) reprints the Egyptian section of the weighty MYTHOLOGY OF ALL RACES, V.
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Even Hegel and Max Muller thought that the real India existed only in the past, which emphasized what can be termed as a regressive view of Indian history, when it was thought that India's present had lost its contemporaneity for the West, so that whereas Europe carried on with its onward march of progress, modernity, and rationality, India was doomed to a past, however glorious -- a view sought to be buttressed by the cyclic conception of time in the Indian tradition.