Max Walter Schulz

Schulz, Max Walter


Born Oct. 31, 1921, in Scheibenberg. German writer of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.

Schulz served in World War II (1939–45). He attended the J. R. Becher Literary Institute in Leipzig, becoming director in 1964. He became a professor in 1969. He is vice-president of the Writers’ Union of the GDR.

Schulz’ novel about the non-lost generation, We Are Not Dust in the Wind (1962; Russian translation, 1964), received wide renown. Depicting Germany during and after the war, it shows how Nazi ideology was overcome and how the hero goes over to the side of socialism. The novel Triptych With Seven Bridges (1974) traces the lives of the first novel’s heroes to 1968. Schulz is also a publicist and a literary critic.

Schulz was awarded the National Prize of the GDR in 1964.


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In Russian translation:
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