Max and Reinhard Mannesmann

Mannesmann, Max and Reinhard


Max Mannesmann, born Dec. 30, 1857; died Mar. 2, 1915. Reinhard Mannes-mann, born May 13, 1856, in Remscheid; died there Feb. 20, 1922. German engineers and entrepreneurs; inventors of a method of producing seamless pipe.

In 1885, while employed at a file factory in Remscheid, the Mannesmann brothers invented a roller-piercing mill, and in 1891 they designed a pilger mill to manufacture seamless pipe. Using their patents, the Mannesmann brothers in 1890 organized the Mannesmannröhren-Werke, the largest metallurgical concern in the pipe-rolling industry. The Mannesmann brothers also had a number of inventions in other technical areas, such as carburizing steel, file production, and telephony.

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The brothers Max and Reinhard Mannesmann had invented a process for the production of seamless tubes.