Max of Baden

Max of Baden:

see Maximilian, prince of BadenMaximilian, prince of Baden
(Max of Baden), 1867–1929, German statesman, last chancellor of imperial Germany. A liberal, he was made imperial chancellor at the end of World War I as Germany neared defeat.
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Max of Baden


Born July 10, 1867, in Baden-Baden; died Nov. 6, 1929, in Konstanz. Heir to the throne of Baden. Imperial chancellor of Germany in 1918.

During the final period of World War I, while maintaining an imperialist position, Max of Baden advocated the limitation of Germany’s expansionist goals and the implementation of partial reforms in order to prevent a revolution. Under the conditions of Germany’s military defeat, on Oct. 3, 1918, he was set up as head of a pseudoliberal government whose main goal was to save the monarchy. The government of Max of Baden and the Kaiser’s regime as a whole were swept away by the November Revolution of 1918.


Erinnerungen und Dokumente. Stuttgart, 1968.
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Talks had been proposed by Prince Max of Baden, Chancellor of the German Empire, that October, in a letter to the US President, Woodrow Wilson.
In a German peace initiative, Prince Max of Baden, a moderate who had recently been appointed imperial chancellor of Germany, wrote to Pres.