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Kumin, Maxine (b. Winokur)

(1925–  ) poet, writer; born in Philadelphia. She studied at Radcliffe (B.A. 1946; M.A. 1948), and married in 1946. She taught at Tufts (1958–61; 1965–68), Princeton (1977; 1979; 1981–82), and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1984) among other institutions. A writer of fiction, children's books, essays, and poetry, she was named poetry consultant to the Library of Congress (1981–82). She is best known for poems of the Northeast, as in Up Country: Poems of New England (1972). She lived in Warner, N.H.
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The recently published posthumous publication, The Pawnbroker's Daughter: A Memoir, draws attention to the powers of endurance of the American Jewish poet Maxine Kumin (1925-2014).
Shortly after she won the Pulitzer Prize, at a standing-room-only reading in the Blacksmith House in Cambridge, Maxine Kumin filled the room with her confident voice.
His work pays explicit homage to that great generation of American poets born in the 1920s, especially James Wright, Galway Kinnell, and Maxine Kumin.
One finds similar submissions to nature in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and Maxine Kumin, but Spires does it with less talk.
The debut poetry collection by Laurie Clements Lambeth (who has been previously published in such magazines as the "Paris Review" and "Mid-American Review"), Veil and Burn is a selection of poems chosen by Maxine Kumin to form a worthy addition to the National Poetry Series.
Compare the recent poems by Rich's contemporary Maxine Kumin, which do not mince words about the Bush administration's use of torture in Iraq, with Rich's rather tepid, tangential indictment of an academic response to tragedies like New Orleans' ("The University Reopens as the Floods Recede").
Writers who have consistently appeared in the magazine's pages from its inception include Joyce Carol Oates, Thomas Lynch, Bob Hicok, George Saunders, Naomi Shihab Nye, Maxine Kumin, and Stuart Dybek.
Robert Bly, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maxine Kumin, Richard Eberhart, and Richard Wilbur are among the gifted contributors who honor Frost with, for example, poetic recollections of personal encounters with him, reflections at his grave, and remembrances of his appearance at JFK's inauguration.
Previous winners of the prize include John Ashbery, Maxine Kumin and Donald Hall, reports The Associated Press.
After her novel, we focused on poetry by Mary Oliver, Maxine Kumin, and Gary Snyder.
It's about: `In choosing the book as an Oregon Book Awards finalist, Maxine Kumin wrote, `Nature in Ralph Salisbury's conception is a presence to be addressed .
AS ONE RELAXED AND WELL-ESTABLISHED in the world, though often ill at ease about its predicaments, Maxine Kumin demonstrates her continued skill in the craft in The Long Marriage, her thirteenth volume of poetry.