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Almost half a century later, Robina reels off writings Forny opened her eyes to long ago: Manuel Arguilla's 'How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife,' Nick Joaquin's 'May Day Eve' and Alberto Florentino's 'The World is an Apple.'
Then and now I wonder at how he strung that brilliant first sentence in "May Day Eve," a tour de force that captures life's swift passage from wonder and beauty to death and decay.
Youths and maidens went 'a-maying' on May Day Eve into the woods and did not return until dawn on May Day carrying garlands of flowers, branches of hawthorn or blackthorn and usually a birch or pine trunk stripped of its branches -- which was to become the village maypole.
Historically, marsh marigold flowers were picked on the afternoon of April 30th, May Day Eve. Before nightfall a single flower was dropped into the letterbox of each house to protect it against evil fairies.
Ancient customs in the Scottish Lowlands and in England prompted the young men and women of rural villages to spend most of May Day Eve "bringing in the May," that is, gathering blooming branches from the forest.
Containing 11 of Joaquin's greatest works-including 'May Day Eve' and 'A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino,' this book is National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin's first international release, contains an introduction by Vince Rafael, brandishes a foreword by Gina Apostol, and introduces him to an entirely new generation of readers.
6, Galleon Theatre MNL will present 'May Day Eve: The World Premiere of a New Adaptation' by Guelan Varela-Luarca, music by William Evin Manzano and direction by Jeremy Domingo,
His most famous short story 'May Day Eve,' a haunting tale about a young girl fated to a doomed marriage, remains foremost in the minds of Filipino readers.
For example, just look at this lengthy sentence-the first paragraph to his famous and poignant short story, May Day Eve:
It is only fitting that Nick Joaquin was born on May 4, 1917, just days after May Day Eve, the day that is also the title of Joaquin's most iconic short story.
Their choices were Nick Joaquin's 'May Day Eve,' Pedro Paterno's 'La Dalaga Misteriosa y el Puente del Diablo' (early precursor of Philippine lit), short stories by new writers Crystal Koo with 'Wild Water,' Rochita Loenen-Ruiz with 'Harinuo's Love Song,' and Marc Gaba with 'Man of Letters.'
She chose to explore three of her most favorite literary works: the short stories May Day Eve and Legend of the Virgin's Jewel, and the narrative poem The Two Kisses of Eros.