Mazing, Evgenii

Mazing, Evgenii Karlovich


Born Apr 5 (17), 1880, in Moscow; died there Mar. 24, 1944. Soviet scientist; specialist in internal combustion engines; Honored Scientist and Technologist of the RSFSR (1941).

Mazing graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School in 1906 and began working there in the Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory; in 1920 he became a professor and head of a subdepartment. Elaborating on the ideas of his teacher V. I. Grinevetskii, Mazing developed a technique for the thermal analysis of engines and studied the problems of gas generation and the use of a gas in engines. Mazing’s works on the problems of solid and liquid fuel combustion found application in the design of internal combustion engines. Mazing invested much time and effort in the training of scientific and engineering specialists.


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