Mazini, Ibrahim Abd Al-Qadir Al-

Mazini, Ibrahim Abd Al-Qadir Al-


Born Feb. 19, 1890, in Cairo; died there 1947. Egyptian writer and critic.

Al-Mazini graduated from a teachers seminary in Cairo (1909) and worked as a teacher. His early verse was influenced by Shelley and Byron. In his numerous critical articles, al Mazini attacked traditionalism in poetry. He is the author of collections of essays and of humorous short stories, including The Trunk of the Universe (1929), Cobweb (1935), and On the Road (1937). The influence of anarchism upon al-Mazini’s world view can be seen in his psychological novel Ibrahim the Journalist (1931), which advocates the “absolute freedom” of the human personality. In his last novels, including Three Men and One Woman (1943) and Ibrahim II(1943), al-Mazini avoided critical social issues.


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