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(mä`dzo͞o`), Taiwanese island group, administered as Lienchiang co. (2010 pop 14,604), in the East China Sea, off Fujian prov., China, E of Fuzhou, and c.100 mi (160 km) from Taiwan. Along with QuemoyQuemoy
, Chin. Chinmen, Kinmen, or Jinmen, Taiwanese island group (2010 pop. 56,703), Taiwan Strait, just off Fujian prov., China, and c.150 mi (240 km) W of Taiwan.
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, it remained a Chinese Nationalist outpost after the Communist victory on the mainland in 1949. The People's Republic of China began bombarding the islands again in 1958, but the deployment of the U.S. 7th Fleet prevented an escalation of the hostilities. After 1990 Taiwan reduced the military forces stationed the islands, civilian rule was restored in 1993, and restrictions on travel to the island were ended in 1994. Limited direct travel to and trade with the mainland has been permitted since Jan., 2001.


A common Japanese pine; used in house construction.


, Mazu
an island group in Formosa Strait, off the SE coast of mainland China: belongs to Taiwan. Pop.: 3145 (1990 est.). Area: 44 sq. km (17 sq. miles)
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Tsai wrote that aside from thanking the goddess Mazu for her blessings, the most important thing is for Taiwanese to support each other.
With this, motorists are warned to avoid the roads where the Mazu's image will traverse today and on Oct.
Mazu is the Chinese goddess of the sea and was believed to have thousands of devotees worldwide.
Incense was constandy burnt before an image of the sea goddess, Tian Fei, commonly known as Mazu (great grandmother), who was revered by Buddhists and Daoists as Queen of Heaven and often equated with Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
Aliuminio lydiniai--vieni is placiausiai naudojamu spalvotuju metalu ivairiose pramones srityse, nes sie lydiniai pasizymi mazu savituoju tankiu, dideliu elektriniu ir geru siluminiu laidumu.
Prior to TrustWave, Bartlett held the position of vice president of Worldwide Sales for the Cascade business unit of Riverbed Technology, following Riverbed's successful acquisition of Mazu Networks, where he was also vice president of Worldwide Sales.
CASU Mazu isn't just an acquired taste but it is also an illegal one.
In the next section, this article reviews literature of the relationship between religion and cyber world, relevant to Chinese folklore beliefs, and the notable significance of Mazu. The following section details the economic reasons that many folk temples adopt the use of social media.
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mazu ir vidutiniu imoniu, kurios sudare 99,8 % visu imoniu siame sektoriuje, siose imonese dirbo 66,9 % visu dirbanciuju ir jos sukure 58,1 % visos pridetines vertes (1 lentele).
mazu miestu ir miesteliu, kaip zemes ukio gamybos ir kaimo gyventoju aptarnavimo, is dalies miesto gyventoju rekreacijos centru, pletojimas.