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the residue from distillation of gasoline, ligroin, kerosine, and diesel oil fractions from petroleum. Mazut may be used as boiler fuel oil, in the preparation of distillate and residual lubricating oils, in cracking or hydrogenation processes for the manufacture of motor fuel (gasoline or diesel oil), and in the production of bitumen and coke, depending on its chemical composition and properties.

The properties of mazut are as follows: density, 890-1,000 kg/m3 at 20°C; heat of combustion, 38-42 megajoules per kg (9,100-10,000 kcal/kg); relative viscosity, 5°-15° at 50°C; surface tension, 0.03-0.04 joules per sq m (30-40 erg/cm2) at 40°C); heat of evaporation, 170-210 kilojoules per kg (40-50 kcal/kg); sulfur content, 0.8-3.5 percent; resin content, up to 60 percent; ash content, 0.1-0.5 percent. The mazut used for fuel in gas turbines must have the lowest ash content (the ash must contain no more than 0.001 percent vanadium and 0.0005 percent sodium, which are particularly harmful elements in terms of corrosion).


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The government kept the price of mazut for food and electricity industries unchanged.
'Mazut, an eco-unfriendly fuel, accounted for 45 percent of Iran's power plant feedstock in 2013, but declined to 8 percent in 2015, and plans are underway to put an end to it in the shortest possible time,' Arash Kordi, the managing director of Iran Power Generation, Distribution and Transmission Company was quoted as saying.
He added that energy carriers such as oil, gas, and mazut are also among the goods that the railway would suitable transfer.
The process of deep processing will allow the extraction of a larger amount of diesel fuels and mazut with less than 1% sulfur content.
In Manbij town in the northern governorate of Aleppo the regime's warplanes committed a new massacre against civilians when they attacked a mazut tank.
As per these decisions, the price of one liter of heating oil (mazut) used for both heating and transport purposes is set at SYP 125 for all sectors with the exception of facilities that produced bread for supply purposes.
In 2014, the country imported nearly 580 thousand tons of oil products worth $508 million, including over 246 thousand tons of petrol, 245 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 60.5 thousand tons of jet fuel, and 16 thousand tons of mazut.
The cabinet announcement said new prices for gasoline, mazut (home heating oil) and other fuels would come next month.
He urged the government to import crude oil so that the refinery could continue to function and supply the Yemeni market with fuel, diesel, cooking gas and mazut (low-quality fuel oil), which some power generating stations, including Aden's, operate on.
The gasified raw materials can be methane, biogas but primarily heavy oil fractions (vacuum remnants, mazut), whose further treatment and utilization are difficult (Holmen, 2009).
Besides that furnace gas and mazut are being obtained in the process of pyrolysis.