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(MegaBits or MegaBytes per SECond) One million bits or bytes per second. Mbps is a measurement of peripheral data transfer or network transmission speed. The correct abbreviation is "b" for bits and "B" for bytes; however, "b" and "B" are often interchanged. See space/time, Kbps and Gbps.

Lower case "b" - Mbps, Mb/sec, Mb/s
Megabits per second is used to rate serial data transmission such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Upper case "B" - MB/sec, MB/s
Megabytes per second is used to rate parallel data transfers such as from memory to disk.
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) Akamai Technologies reported in 2017 these average speeds: South Korea, 28.6 Mbps Norway, 23.5 Sweden, 22.5 Hong Kong, 21.9 Switzerland, 21.7 Finland, 20.5 Singapore, 20.3 Japan, 20.2 Denmark, 20.1 United States, 18.7 Netherlands, 17.4 Romania, 17.0 Czech Republic, 16.9 United Kingdom, 16.9 and Taiwan, 16.9.
Norway ranked first globally in terms of mobile Internet speed at 65.41 Mbps, followed by Canada at 64.42 Mbps and S.
In 2015, the Philippines had the lowest average connection speed among surveyed Asia-Pacific countries at 2.5 mbps.
'Well, the incumbent telcos have to improve their services because the new major telco player has committed 27 Mbps Internet speed in their first year of operation and 55 Mbps speed in the succeeding years, with a performance bond to back up their commitment,' Rio told INQUIRER.net.
Singapore ranked first globally in terms of fixed broadband Internet speed at 197.50 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong at 172.67 Mbps and S.
Worldwide, average speeds rose from 6.96 Mbps in 2017 to 9.10 Mbps in 2018, according to the report.
Singapore remains the country with the fastest Internet connection speed where the average download speed is 60.39 Mbps. Singapore is followed by Sweden (46 Mbps) and Denmark (43.99 Mbps).
Le Top 3 du classement global de l'internet mobile est occupe respectivement par Qatar (63,22 Mbps), Norvege (62,14 Mbps) et Union Arabe des Emirates (54,67 Mbps).
The world's busiest airport-and Delta's largest hub-Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta saw the largest one-year improvement in speed, jumping to 59.6 Mbps from 2.7 Mbps, according to the survey data.
The packages are 5 Mbps at EGP 110 per month, 15 Mbps at EGP 150, 25 Mbps at EGP 200, 50 Mbps at EGP 250, and 100 Mbps at EGP 300.
Vodafone and Idea Cellular registered download speeds of 7.2 mbps and 6.8 mbps respectively.
Service providers are seeing considerably more customers opt for higher broadband speeds than they did just one year ago, as shown in NTCA's annual "Broadband/Internet Availability Survey Report." In the 2015 report, the most popular speed among member customers, chosen by 31.2% of them, was 10-25 Mbps. Just 7.7% of customers subscribed to services at speeds above 25 Mbps.