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Dolinar, however, compiles a fine portrait of a man who chose to leave his country rather than to subject himself to the McCarthyite inquisition or to blunt his pen to save his professional skin.
This ability surely has been the American tradition, as evidenced, for instance, by the Civil War, the nation's emergence from the Depression of the 1930s, and our ability to withstand the blandishments of fringe groups like the Know Nothings of the 1850s or the McCarthyites of the 1950s.
There were many "causalities" of this Canadian Cold War, including the distinguished scholar of Japan and Canadian diplomat Herbert Norman, who committed suicide in Egypt after being hounded by American McCarthyites, his integrity questioned by the Canadian state.
He and his supporters built a cult around his alleged victimhood at the hands of the evil McCarthyites that dwindled in number, if not in fanatic devotion, as evidence of his guilt began to trickle in after the Soviet collapse.
Some may be, though - even if a few of the players who were loyal McCarthyites have retired.
I find it rather amusing that the myriad right-wing McCarthyites are now whining, crying, mewling and kvetching because the sleazy tactics of character assassination that they have used for years against Bill Clinton are now being redirected toward their anointed emperor, George W.
This may have largely been a pose--in the same way that many of them sported French berets--but it reflected their deep anxiety about the "real America" across the Hudson, one that was imagined to be peopled by Protestant bigots and raving McCarthyites.
And the most valuable currency is the comfort the older players - the McCarthyites - have felt with Kerr and his backroom team.
As one union pamphlet read, "It is our answer to the McCarthyites who seek to dictate to Canadians their particular brand of thought control.