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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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Congresswomen Jackie Speier (CA-14), Co-Chair of the Democratic Womens Caucus, and Katherine Clark (MA-5), Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, joined by 49 of their Democratic colleagues, sent a letter to the McDonalds Corporation in response to the growing number of complaints filed by workers alleging sexual assault and harassment.
The McDonalds Corporation owes it to its workers and customers to ensure that everyone who wears the McDonalds uniform is able to work in a safe environment, free from harassment and discrimination.
How will this 24-hour global initiative help the McDonalds Corporation for the rest of the year?
(Matt Biespiel, Senior Director, Global Brand Development, McDonalds Corporation).
Anishi Spencer, who filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against McDonalds Corporation and McDonalds of Illinois on Wednesday, wants at least 50,000 dollars in damages from the chain, which she says failed to properly clean hazardous debris from an area that is used by kids for playing, the New York Daily News reported.
The McDonalds Corporation must do more to combat workplace harassment, abuse and retaliation suffered by McDonalds workers across the country, the Senators wrote.
Since independently owned operations make up the vast majority of the over 14,000 McDonalds locations across the U.S., it is imperative that the McDonalds Corporation require all franchise locations to adopt the updated policies to guarantee that all workers will be covered by the new protections and support services, the Senators continued.
Previously, he served in leadership positions at DDB Worldwide and McDonalds Corporation, and began his career in sales and marketing at Kimberly Clark.

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