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(13) The McGuffey Readers, first published in 1836, routinely used such terms as "heath" and "benighted" in third-grade texts.
Williams Holmes McGuffey was the author of the McGuffey Readers that were used as school texts beginning in the 1800's.
Also, this chapter narrates the growth in theater-building, Californian gold diggers, McGuffey readers, the popularity of Shakespeare dubs, and the evolution of Shakespeare parodies and burlesque.
The young adults responsible for our killings missed the influence of McGuffey Readers, which taught lessons in morals as well as reading.
Murray traces this sense of responsibility to the McGuffey Readers, explaining that
Regarding the worldview of the McGuffey readers, "even a cursory reading of these early schoolbooks reveals their dominant concern for the character and nature of God and his relationships with persons and the world" (Westerhoff III 1978, 75).
(20) Originals naturally vary in price and condition, but the entire revised 1879 collection may be downloaded or read free of charge from numerous online sources, including the contemporary Internet sites Project Gutenberg, McGuffey's Readers World, or The McGuffey Readers.
Shakespeare's presence in Iowa did not stagnate with the few soliloquies and conversations available in the McGuffey Readers. Iowa's population continued to grow on into the twentieth century and so did the demand for more intensive education.
of Findlay) provides a biography of William McGuffey (1800-1873), who wrote the McGuffey Readers, originally published in the 1830s, used in schools, and influencing many American industrialists and presidents.
The one-room school with its lay trustees and McGuffey readers exemplified the old-school style of education that innovators wanted to replace.
1 Bible 6000,000,000 2 Quotations of the Works of Mao Tse-tung 800,000,000 3 American Spelling Book 100,000,000 4 The Guinness Book of Records 81,000,000 5 The McGuffey Readers 60,000,000 6 A Message to Garcia 50,000,000 7 World Almanac 40,000,000 8 The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care 39,200,000 9 Valley of the Dolls 30,000,000 10 In His Steps 'What Would Jesus Do?' 28,500,000
In addition to working on their penmanship, students read from McGuffey Readers (circa 1879) and have a spelling bee at the end of the day.