McKees Rocks

McKees Rocks,

borough (1990 pop. 7,691), Allegheny co., SW Pa., an industrial suburb of Pittsburgh, on the Ohio River; settled c.1764, inc. 1892. Manufacturing includes metal and food products, lubricants, and furniture.
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of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, with an unloaded handgun at the scene.
McKees Rocks Harbor Services, LLC $638,015 for construction a 12-barge fleeting area 300 feet upstream of the new dock at McKees Rocks Industrial Enterprises (MRIE), which has doubled the capacity of MRIEs existing dock.
com)-- U Recover, an addiction intervention service located in the Greater Pittsburgh area, will be one of several professional organizations which will attend and co-facilitate at the first opioid summit in Mckees Rocks Pennsylvania.
Montour School District in McKees Rocks, PA, has focused on establishing a maker culture and developed a purpose statement to help keep everybody on the same page.
GINA PRECIADO: Gemini Children's Theater [in McKees Rocks, Pa.
As her third quilt project, Brandi Hagerty of McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, made this fun, neutrals version of Table Tiles * (Quick Quilts October/November 2014).
This caffeinated son of a mailman from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, lacks the filter that other politicians install in their skulls to protect them from saying whatever they are thinking at the moment.
Born in McKees Rocks (Pittsburgh), PA, he was the son of the late John S.
The McKees Rocks woman says she was driving to a police station when she stopped to ask for directions and had a man reach into her car and grab her purse.
The land is located along railroad tracks in the Ohio River valley, near the McKees Rocks Bridge connecting that Pennsylvania city to Pittsburgh.
George Duffy, the owner of Duffy's Pop & Beer for Less in McKees Rocks, PA, and other beer distributors have stopped placing ads in the weekly Pennysaver publication because the board in May declared it to be a circular or mailing, as opposed to a newspaper.
To prevent such errors and maximize patient safety, Ohio Valley General Hospital, McKees Rocks, Pa.