McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope

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McMath–Pierce Solar Telescope

(măk-math -peerss) See Kitt Peak National Observatory; solar telescope.
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Similarly, NSO controlled and operated the two solar scopes on the mountain, the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope and (until 2014) the Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS) facility, with NOAO again acting as landlord.
1-meter, the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope, and WIYN.
NSO therefore decided to remove SOLIS to an as-yet-undetermined new location, while handing off the operation of the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope to someone else or closing it down entirely.
Using the McMath-Pierce solar telescope at Kitt Peak--one of the world's biggest solar telescopes--Livingston has been measuring sunspot intensity and magnetism since 1998.
Caption: Since 1998, the McMath-Pierce solar telescope (shown) has observed a steady decrease in sunspot magnetic field strength.
Even unusual instruments, like the McMath-Pierce solar telescope on Kitt Peak in southern Arizona, take advantage of this principle.
Today some of the astronomers who share the mountaintop and this meridian with I'itoi continue to engage the Sun with the McMath-Pierce solar telescope.
The fields of these images, taken with the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope on Kitt Peak, are 50,000 kilometers on a side.