McMurdo Sound

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McMurdo Sound,

Antarctica: see Ross SeaRoss Sea,
arm of the Pacific Ocean, Antarctica, between Victoria Land and Marie Byrd Land. It was discovered in 1841 by Sir James Clark Ross, a British explorer. Ross Island with Mt. Erebus, an active volcano, is in the western part of the sea; Roosevelt Island is in the east.
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The failure of Shackleton's Nimrod expedition to conduct a thorough exploration of the Dry Valley region encouraged Captain Scott to follow up on his earlier reconnaissance by sending an expedition to the west coast of McMurdo Sound during the first few months of his second Antarctic expedition on board the Terra Nova.
Conditions amenable to anchor-ice formation are met sporadically in McMurdo Sound, the site of this study.
When I first sailed into McMurdo Sound [where the Terra Nova dropped anchor] it was like sailing into one of my great-uncle's paintings.
40 Sedgefield) Has been given a break since failing to build on the promise of his hurdling debut over course and distance in September, when he looked booked for second spot behind the decent McMurdo Sound.
20 1 MCMURDO SOUND (IRE) (Keith Donoghue) 15-8F 2 Civil Servant (8-1) 3 He's Cool (7-1) 13 ran 31/2, 1.
Gordon Elliott landed the big one with Kells Castle under McCoy and McMurdo Sound (4.
Each illustration is an icon of polar imagery from the golden age of exploration, ranging from a reproduction of Cornelius Ketel's superb full-length portrait of Sir Martin Frobisher to EA Wilson's watercolour Looking North in McMurdo Sound (both still to be found in the archives of the Royal Geographical Society).
After an arduous passage through all kinds of weather (including gales where the ship rolled through 40 degrees), the Discovery eventually broke through the ice into McMurdo Sound on January 21 1902, where she was to stay for a further two years.
The giant iceberg, known as B15A, is now moving slowly out of McMurdo Sound, where it had blocked sea access, said Lou Sanson, chief executive of the government scientific agency Antarctica New Zealand.
And deep-dwelling cod fish in nearby McMurdo Sound should freeze in their extreme habitat, but they don't because of a type of antifreeze in their bodies.
Construction of a US-backed 1,020-mile "ice highway" from McMurdo Sound to the South Pole is continuing in its third season, with completion slated for the end of the 2006 polar summer.