McNary Dam

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McNary Dam,

7,265 ft (2,214 m) long and 183 ft (56 m) high, on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington, near Umatilla, Oreg.; built 1947–56 by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Located at the head of the slack-water pool created by John Day Dam, it provides slack-water navigation 61 mi (98 km) upstream to the mouth of the Snake River; locks permit vessels to pass around the dam. McNary Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric power facilities in the United States.
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Army Corps of Engineers has offered a grant of $505,000 to Marine Industrial Construction, of Wilsonville, for making several repairs to the downstream gate at the McNary Dam navigation lock.
Lake Wallula, the 70 miles of waterway behind McNary Dam, is virtually untapped for walleyes; yet it's true trophy territory with monsters to 19 pounds caught every year.
It felt the eternal flow of the mighty Columbia River come to a halt following the construction of McNary Dam.
The site is close to BPA's transmission lines at McNary Dam, and it's also ideal from a pollution standpoint.
The program reduces the impacts of construction and operation of the McNary Dam on wildlife and habitats.
23) There are four dams in the 341 miles between the Pacific Ocean and the lower end of the Reach, where the McNary Dam is located.
Contract Awarded for It is the intent of the us army corps of engineers to award a contract to purchase replacement valves for discharge piping system at mcnary dam.
21) Between 1988 and 1995, the McNary Dam fish protection measures have been implicated in at least two major fish kills.
It is poised to diversify with two cogeneration plants with a combined capacity nearing that of nearby McNary dam.
Presolicitation: Mcnary dam has a requirement to replace nine (10) flanged os&y valves to accommodate the raw water strainer upgrade project.