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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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Apres avoir vu le film [beaucoup moins que]Supersize me[beaucoup plus grand que] je ne peux m'empecher de penser au probleme de sante que pourrait engendrer une forte consommation chez McDo notamment le probleme de l'obesite (meme si l'obesite est a la base une maladie).
But one cannot leave France without reference to McDonalds, or McDo, as is its household term everywhere in French.
A paper serviette turns bright with tubercular blood, and the narrator's sense of having to tiptoe through economic differences now seems only a small part of her guilt: any projection of future trips to McDo, of careers, of survival itself, will take place in clear contrast to the sister's determined fate.
Instead, it was the trial of Jose Bove and the McDo Ten.
Esto se debe a que MCDO introduce correcciones a MCO para compensar los errores asociados a la endogeneidad de los regresores, y a la autocorrelacion serial de los residuos de la estimacion.
Although the tandem's supposed big-screen comeback has stalled last year, their loyal fans could find sweet consolation in the new McDo , which was shot last Feb.
Vistal has since convinced her husband to weave that they now own a motorcycle and comes home on Saturdays with a bag of McDo for the kids.
Today, Jollibee has nine stores and Mcdo has five outlets in the Baguio City.
Meme les quartiers plus ou moins [beaucoup moins que]chic[beaucoup plus grand que], par exemple le Maarif, les trottoirs mitoyens au McDo sont dans un etat de salete repoussant, des eaux noiratres empestent l'air.
1, according to the McDo Facebook page, and will be available for purchase for three weeks throughout the Philippines.
A 15-foot McDelivery Pin was mounted at the Memorial Park to serve as an easy meet-up point for McDelivery riders and hungry consumers who were craving for their McDo faves.