Mean Time To Recovery

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Mean Time To Recovery

(MTTR) The average time that a device will take to recover from a non-terminal failure. Examples of such devices range from self-resetting fuses (where the MTTR would be very short, probably seconds), up to whole systems which have to be replaced.

The MTTR would usually be part of a maintenance contract, where the user would pay more for a system whose MTTR was 24 hours, than for one of, say, 7 days. This means the supplier is guaranteeing to have the system up and running again within 24 hours (or 7 days) of being notified of the failure.

Some devices have a MTTR of zero, which means that they have redundant components which can take over the instant the primary one fails, see RAID for example.

See also Mean Time Between Failures.
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They can reduce outages and mean time to recovery (MTTR), enhance alerting accuracy, reduce operational costs and improve service levels.
The mean time to recovery of GI function was approximately 16 hours sooner than placebo for the alvimopan treatment group.
a leader in providing configuration management solutions for large, heterogeneous data networks, today announced it has joined the HP OpenView Solution Alliance Program, enabling users to more rapidly diagnose security breaches and reduce the mean time to recovery (MTTR) related to network downtime.
Accelerated Mean Time to Recovery -- SQLsafe has been engineered to perform well when most needed - in an emergency recovery situation.
Customers can now leverage HP OpenView to reduce the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) via Intelliden's policy-based networking software.
Customers typically report positive ROI in less than three months, attributed to significant improvements in operations productivity, dramatic reductions in mean time to recovery, and measurable savings through improved capacity planning and replacement of other point solutions and services.
BMR fully automates the recovery process for Tivoli Storage Manager and ensures complete integrity and consistency of all critical elements and significantly reduces the mean time to recovery.