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The mean average score at pre-group intervention is above the clinical cut-off, but post-group and two-year scores remain below.
In this manner, monthly averages could be compared to yearly mean averages for a spot check of the latest performance of the alarm company, on an apples to apples basis.
06, compared to a mean average SP returnofpounds 7.
Cyprus President Demetris Chistofias announced in December that exploratory drilling carried out by Huston-based Noble Energy in block 12 of the island's Exclusive Economic Zone revealed a gross mean average of 7 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of natural gas.
PNG officials report their members' predictions on where gold will close at the end of the first quarter in 2012 ranged from a low of $1,475 per ounce to a high of $2,155, with a mean average of $1,759.
The study at a Veterans Affairs medical center looked at 850 male patients, with a mean average age of 49, who underwent weight loss surgery and discovered that obese men did not have a higher chance of being alive than men who did not have surgery.
The Welsh Assembly Government's 2010 annual survey of hours and earnings shows that, as of last April, the mean average gross weekly earnings for full-time workers in Wales stood at pounds 516, the second lowest among the nations and regions of the UK.
672 The mean average workers compensation premium rate decreased 10 percent to $672 in 2009.
In this 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study, Melogliptin significantly reduced HbA1c from baseline as compared to placebo with a mean average reduction of 0.
The changes will mean average household water and sewerage bills increasing by around pounds 18 to pounds 330 per year, Ofwat said.
The mean average percent of behaviors observed for the treatment schools (M=53.
The statistics show the mean average gross annual salary for all full time workers in the UK was pounds 28,210 in 2005, compared with pounds 23,587 in the North East.