Mean Curvature

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mean curvature

[¦mēn ′kər·və·chər]
Half the sum of the principal curvatures at a point on a surface.

Mean Curvature


The mean curvature of a surface at a given point P on the surface is equal to the average of the principal curvatures of the surface at the point (seeDIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY). If E, F, and G are the coefficients of the first fundamental quadratic form of the surface and L, M, and N are the coefficients of the surface’s second fundamental quadratic form, then the mean curvature H can be computed from the formula

If the mean curvature is equal to zero at every point of the surface, then the surface is known as a minimal surface.

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The main extrinsic invariant is the squared mean curvature and the main intrinsic invariants include the classical curvature invariants, namely the scalar curvature and the Ricci curvature; and the well known modern curvature invariant, namely Chen invariant [2].
Similarly, the function H : M [right arrow] R, H(P) = traceS(P)/dim M is called the mean curvature of M at point P.
One should keep in mind that the length of a fiber (with small cross-section) is approximately proportional to the integral of the mean curvature of the fiber.
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