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The Albert Street company was commissioned by charity The Dog's Trust to build a giant mechanical hound for display at their sites in London and Leeds.
The Mechanical Hound, a robotic beast with prodigious powers of detection, speed, and destruction, sniffs out offenders for the burning.
Beatty, with storm troopers and the Mechanical Hound as support, arrives at Montag's home to arrest and annihilate him.
When Guy Montag is on the run from the Mechanical Hound, with the helicopters and surveillance cameras chasing him, the reader is fearful that Montag cannot escape because the authorities will be able to detect his every movement.
Montag is hunted down by helicopters and a robotic Mechanical Hound, with the chase televised live.
It contained all the things a teenage boy needed for entertainment: burning things, mechanical hounds, really fast car wrecks, giant televisions, and social commentary on media consumption.

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