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adults (58.2% women, Mage = 39.8 years) through Amazon Mechanical Turk. They were randomly assigned to either a percentage or multiplication condition in exchange for a small monetary compensation (US$0.30).
For the online section of the study, over 1,000 observers recruited via Amazon's Mechanical Turk marketplace viewed videotapes of study participants discussing commonplace opinions and activities.
Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online crowdsourcing website that offers businesses and developers an innovative way to access an on-demand workforce.
The risk is that AV developers are essentially selling a version of the Mechanical Turk, the 18th-century chess-playing automaton that wowed Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin but ultimately turned out to be operated by a human concealed inside.
A subset of 1,000 defendants was then used to collect predictions from 400 people, recruited through Amazon's Mechanical Turk, a marketplace for online labour.
To test this, researchers compared the program's results to those of workers found online through the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowd-sourcing marketplace.
Farid, who teaches computer science at Dartmouth, and Dressel, who majored in computer science and gender studies at the same school, used Amazon Mechanical Turk in the study.
One such technological advance that provides new possibilities for the recruitment of research participants with disabilities, but must be used with caution, is Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk).
Crowdsourcing platforms can offer either underqualified jobs like Amazon Mechanical Turk, some more creative with Upwork, or some odd jobs with Youpijob and "Lulu dans ma rue".
Uber, Amazon Mechanical Turk (a task-sharing firm), and similar firms are actually highly hierarchical, dictating conditions of work without warning based upon the changing directives of aggressive investors.
Amazon Mechanical Turk is probably the most well-known example of a microwork platform, even though its half-a-million-strong workforce is small by comparison to its international competitors', whose user base can add up to more than 10 million.
Amazon's Mechanical Turk (named after the 18th-century chess-playing machine which actually had a person cleverly hidden inside) is an example of a new platform that allows buyers to contract very small specific tasks (for example, programming or data transcription) at third-world wage rates.

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