Mechanical room

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Mechanical room

A room devoted to mechanical equipment and controls, such as a boiler, furnace, ductwork, plumbing, and water heater.

mechanical equipment room, machinery room

A room containing a permanently installed refrigeration or air-conditioning system, or major parts thereof.
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This writer visited the facility to observe the existing mechanical room and roof areas, record data, and interview the maintenance personnel.
A basement has a high ceiling and poured concrete flooring and houses a utility room with washer/dryer and an enclosed mechanical room.
The basement was converted to the mechanical room, allowing for full build-out of the upper levels.
If the coupling is missing or damaged, you won't be able to attach the exhaust elbow pipe to the generator exhaust outlet in the mechanical room.
Because the kit is asserted to be able to test every VFD-controlled motor in a whole production plant, office building, mechanical room, or anywhere else VFD-driven motors are operating, it provides a desirable tool for anyone who needs to determine and convince others that a motor is or is not subject to stray shaft voltages great enough to harm motor bearings.
Renovations made by the Team Group, a Euless, Texas-based design/build construction firm, included a new roof, vapor barrier reestablishment, replacement of refrigeration compressors, electronics and other modifications to the mechanical room.
It wasn't until I went outside to the HVAC mechanical room that I realized my tenant had been right all along.
will construct and install process equipment and piping for the raw water control, ballasted flocculation basins, filter gallery and filters, blower room, reservoir/pre-chlorination well, finished water pump station, recovered water basin, thickened sludge pump station, sludge drying beds, chemical building, and lox/ ozone mechanical room for the water treatment plant.
WORCESTER - A janitor made a grisly discovery in an upper mechanical room yesterday morning at the Memorial Auditorium's Little Theater, finding the body of a 49-year-old man who appeared to have been dead for several weeks, police said.
A leak in a neighbouring mechanical room has once again put the archives of the Anglican Church of Canada at risk.
The new building will consist of three floors plus a rooftop mechanical room and small basement.
The power failure at the airport may have been caused by an electrical surge, which also caused a fire in the mechanical room.

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