Self-Propelled Artillery

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self-propelled artillery

[¦self prə¦peld är′til·ə·rē]
Artillery weapons permanently installed on vehicles, which provide motive power for the piece; these weapons are fired from the vehicle.

Self-Propelled Artillery


a type of artillery equipped with artillery guns (cannon, howitzers, recoilless guns, and mortars) on a self-propelled chassis.

Self-propelled artillery is included in artillery and motorized rifle units. It is designed to provide accompanying fire and to effect fire support to motorized (mechanized) infantry and armored forces in combat. Self-propelled artillery may have bulletproof or shellproof armor. During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet armed forces used self-propelled guns for close support to tanks and infantry in combat. Present-day self-propelled artillery is highly mobile and provides the crew and equipment improved protection against enemy fire. Compared to towed artillery, self-propelled artillery has a high traveling speed and better cross-country ability and requires a smaller guncrew.

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In the Second World War, mechanized artillery evolved further to provide indirect fires from vehicle-mounted howitzers as well as direct fire support by assault guns such as the Wehrmacht(Nazi Germany's armed forces) Sturmgeschiitz III tracked assault gun.
The Battle of Kunteila began at 0100 on 5 June with heavy Israeli saturation fire from mechanized artillery.

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