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a method of treatment that consists in performing physical exercises on apparatus that are specially constructed to develop movements in certain joints.

The founder of medical mechanotherapy was the Swedish physician J. G. Zander (1835–1920). The use of apparatus of various systems in mechanotherapy is grounded in the biomechanics of joint movement. Movements are strictly localized, in conformity to the given joint or group of muscles. The apparatus offer resistance (weight), which, as it increases or decreases, modifies the stress on the joint in question. Special devices make it possible to change the speed of rhythmically produced movements. Exercises are characterized by automatization of the movements, thereby eliminating the coordinative influence of the central nervous system. Mechanotherapy has no independent value. It is chiefly used in conjunction with physical therapy for its effect on certain parts of the skeletomuscular system.


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The purpose of the study is to summarize and examine information about the effectiveness of rehabilitation of patients with ischemic stroke, evaluating the place in her mechanotherapy using hardware Lokomat.
Prolonged forces other than mechanotherapy like nail-biting and mouth breathing also can produce root resorption.14
The patient was treated by fixed mechanotherapy after extraction of all the four first premolars [Figure 1].
Functional rehabilitation aligns well with the principles of mechanotherapy, whereby mechanical loading prompts cellular responses that promote tissue structural change.
Conventional rehabilitation consisting of physical and physiotherapy (physical exercises, massage, and mechanotherapy) was delivered for 30 days (0.5-1 h/work day) other in addition to experimental and control treatments.
Self-ligating orthodontic brackets have gained popularity because of their advantages in reducing friction and treatment time in orthodontic mechanotherapy. Though current evidence offers diminutive support to the previous notion of use self-ligating bracket, this should not abstain us from using the innovated technology.
Joseph Loewenstein provided the fullest account of such "mechanotherapy." He noted that suction pumps such as those of Dr.
In this period used also massage, paraffin applications, electric stimulation of quadriceps femoris muscle, mechanotherapy. Due to using of this complex the volume of motion in knee joint was restored till 90-100[degrees], but power of the muscles was completely restored only in 5-6 months after operation.
Patients were subjugated to a strict regimen that included medical treatments such as electrotherapy, exercise, hydrotherapy, and mechanotherapy but also controlled their diets, leisure time, and sleep.