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, Fr. Malines, commune (1991 est. pop. 75,000), Antwerp prov., N central Belgium, on the Dijle River. In English it is also known as Mechlin. It is a commercial, industrial, and transportation center and was formerly a famous lace-making center.
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, Belgium.
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The Maze, the discotheque where Simone danced nude, still stands, sandwiched between My Wife's Business and Sunshine Jewelry Shop on the corner of Carey and Mechlin Streets.
The Itineraria details Secundus's travel from Mechlin to Bourges where he studied law with Alciati (1532), his return home (1533), and his journey to Spain (1533).
At Mechlin, Zutphen, Naarden, Oudwater, Sichem and Maestricht defenders and noncombatants were killed indiscriminately.
This genus was merely used by Pielre-Joseph van Beneden (born 1809 at Mechlin, died 1894 at Lauvain) in his lectures at the University of Lauvain, Belgium and was published by the Abbot Prof.
William de Machlinia of Mechlin, or Belgium, who joined John Lettou about 1482.
Mechlin, 95, of Knoxville, and formerly of Bolton, Mass.
Police were seen carrying boxes from the former archbishop's office and nearby St Rombout Cathedral in the city of Mechlin.
Historian Steven Van den Broecke said: "Franciscus Monachus' skills in both cosmography and astrology were much appreciated at the Mechlin (sic) court around the middle of the 1520s.
Victor Dechamps, archbishop of Mechlin, although he hosted a private conference with the French and the German bishops in October 1867, was the first bishop to address himself publicly to the question of a definition of papal infallibility, declaring himself in favor in June 1869.
1: collection and recycling of municipal waste from Sector I, comprising an area of the city and the area of the village of Srem: Mechlin, Nochowo, Psarskie, Zbrudzewo.