Meckel's Cartilage

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Meckel's cartilage

[′mek·əlz ‚kärt·lij]
The cartilaginous axis of the mandibular arch in the embryo and fetus.

Meckel’s Cartilage


the primary mandible in gnathostomes and man, named for J. Meckel.

In all fish (except the cartilaginous group) and terrestrial vertebrates, Meckel’s cartilage is clad in integumentary bones and may itself be partly or completely ossified. The ossified posterior section of Meckel’s cartilage, the articular bone, joins the quadrate bone at the mandibular joint. In mammals, the articular and quadrate bones become the auditory ossicles (the malleolus and the incus); the remaining part of Meckel’s cartilage is reduced (preserved only in the embryo).

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Meckel's cartilage has become covered by the membrane bone of the lower jaw.
Both muscles originate from the ascending process of the palatoquadrate, ventral to the posterior margin of the eye, and insert on Meckel's cartilage of the lower jaw.
The intermandibularis is fan-shaped, with narrow attachments to Meckel's cartilage at its lateral margins and much broader attachments at the midline (Fig.
The maxilla and premaxilla are the bones over the palatoquadrate, and the dentary is the dermal bone over Meckel's cartilage (these, remember, were once the mandibular gill arch, situated in the second head segment).
In the mandibular arch the quadrate and pterygoid are considered to be the dorsal homologs, while Meckel's cartilage is believed to correspond to the ventral homolog.
The goal of the present study was to investigate the histopathological alteration caused by VPA in rats, on their submandibular gland, Meckel's cartilage, and tongue musculature, using appropriate karyometric and stereologic techniques.
5,7) He put forth the notion that not every middle ear conforms to the territorial confines of Reichert's and Meckel's cartilage.