Johann Friedrich Meckel

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Meckel, Johann Friedrich


Born Oct. 17, 1781, in Halle, Saxony; died there Oct. 31, 1833. German biologist.

Meckel studied in Halle, Göttingen, Würzburg, and Vienna. In 1808 he became a professor at Halle. His principal works deal with comparative vertebrate morphology. Meckel was one of the creators of the theory that individual development in extant higher animals passes through stages similar to the adult states of extant lower animals. Meckel described a number of morphological formations, which are named for him. In 1812 he translated into German K. F. Wolffs On the Formation of the Intestinal Tract in the Chick (1768), which advanced the dissemination of his theory of epigenesis.


Beiträge zur vergleichenden Anatomic, 2 vols. Leipzig, 1811.
System der vergleichenden Anatomie, 5 vols. Halle, 1821–33.
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Magnetic resonance imaging revealed space-occupying lesions in Meckel cave bilaterally, with soft-tissue density extending into the left sphenoid and posterior ethmoid sinuses.
Precontrast (figure 1) and postcontrast (figure 2) axial and coronal T1-weighted images demonstrated enhancing T1 signal intensity relative to adjacent white matter partially filling Meckel cave bilaterally.
An initial computed tomography (CT) scan suggested a Meckel cave neoplasm, such as a meningioma or schwannoma, involving the right cavernous sinus.