Mecklenburg Bay

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Mecklenburg Bay


a bay on the Baltic Sea, bordered by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). Length, 80 km; width, about 50 km at the entrance; depth, 27 m.

The bay freezes over in severe winters. The tides are semidiurnal, about 0.2 m at the maximum. Ports on Mecklenburg Bay include Warnemiinde, Rostock, and Wismar (GDR) and Lii-beck and Neustadt (FRG).

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The water covered areas subsided and became restricted to the deepest parts of the Mecklenburg Bay and the Arkona Basin as well as to smaller depressions
Marine waters began to enter the Mecklenburg Bay 8000 cal.
harrisii was confined to Mecklenburg Bay, the Oder Estuary, the Gulf of Gdansk, and the Curonian Lagoon only (Jazdzewski & Konopacka, 1993; Bacevicius & Gasiunaite, 2008; Czerniejewski, 2009; Jazdzewski & Grabowski, 2011).

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