Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

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Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

(mĕk`lənbûrg'), resolution alleged to have been proclaimed at Charlotte, N.C., by the citizens of Mecklenburg co. on May 20, 1775. Although North Carolina's seal and flag bear that date, the declaration is widely regarded as a spurious document. It is known, however, that the Mecklenburg citizens adopted (May 31, 1775) strong anti-British resolutions that declared all crown officials, civil and military, suspended from their offices, thus implying independence without actually declaring it. An account of the Mecklenburg Resolves, as they are called, was published in 1819, with embellishments from the national Declaration of Independence. From this grew the tale of the declaration of May 20, which still persists in North Carolina but which has not been supported by documentary evidence.


See studies by W. M. Hoyt (1907, repr. 1972), J. H. Moore (1908), and V. V. McNitt (1960).

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On May 31, 1775, the Mecklenburg County Committee of Safety issued the Mecklenburg Resolves, wherein the committee dissolved civil and military commissions and formed "certain Rules and Regulations for the internal Government of this County." After the Halifax Resolves yet before the Declaration of Independence, the Vestry of St.
Eleven days later, the same delegates came together to draft the Mecklenburg Resolves, a series of six resolutions that Carmichael describes as outlining how political power would be structured in Mecklenburg County now that British rule was no longer acknowledged.
Beyond that, though Polk was said to have read the document from the courthouse steps, there is no contemporary reference to it in the newspapers, as there is with the Mecklenburg Resolves.

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