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A greenish mass of mucous, desquamated epithelial cells, lanugo, and vernix caseosa that collects in the fetal intestine, becoming the first fecal discharge of the newborn.



the normal feces of the newborn.

Meconium is formed in the intestinal tract of the fetus and is excreted at birth and for a day or two thereafter. It consists of an odorless, dark-green, homogeneous mass of secretions of various sections of the digestive tract, desquamated epithelium, and swallowed amniotic fluids. By the fourth or fifth day after birth the meconium is replaced by the normal feces of the nursing infant.

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As far as good outcome is concerned, combined obstetric and paediatric care can lead to prevention and reduced severity of meconium aspiration syndrome with low complication rate and decrease mortality.
The presence of meconium is an indication for continuous monitoring of the foetal heart rate (FHR) during labour and it lowers the threshold for making a diagnosis of foetal distress if FHR abnormalities are present.
Meconium staining of liquor at amniotomy was significantly higher in group A as compared to group B (pless than 0.
3) 13 (26) 18 (36) (highly >24 -- -- 6 (12) significant) Table 7: Distribution of patients according incidence of meconium in each group at the time of delivery Meconium Misoprostol (n = 75), Dinoprostone gel (n = 50), n (%) n (%) Thin meconium 9 (12) 5 (10) Thick meconium 12 (16) 8 (16) No meconium 54 (72) 37 (74) Foley's catheter (n = 50), n (%) Meconium Foley's catheter Foley's catheter followed by (n = 32) dinoprostone gel (n = 18) Thin meconium 5 (15.
Clearly, more research is needed to validate meconium EtG and EtS cutoffs against reliable self-report measures.
Issues in the management of simple and complex meconium ileus.
meconium aspiration syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome, etc.
5] It is a rare condition in infant boys who have had healed meconium peritonitis.
Meconium aspiration, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory disorders are common among their newborns.
Results: A total of 75 patients with meconium stained liquor were identified during the study period.
Trimega's chief executive Avi Lasarow said the company had already applied successfully its technology for testing meconium at the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada.
Newborn and infants may present with failure to pass meconium within first 24 hours of life, bilious vomiting, infrequent, explosive bowel movements, difficult bowel movements, jaundice, enterocolitis associated diarrhoea, poor feeding and progressive abdominal distension.