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Less than 90 km south of Amman, Madaba has been inhabited for at least 4,500 years, and is mentioned in the Bible as the Moabite town of Medeba. The town is best known for its Mosaic Map of the Holy Lands from before 570 CE, which is part of the 6th century Byzantine St George's Greek Orthodox Church.
& SANCHEZ, Z M., 2010.--The early stages and natural history of Corades medeba Hewitson, 1850 in eastern Ecuador (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae, Pronophilina).
* a sixth century mosaic map in Medeba, thirty miles south of Amman, is located in the Church of St.
Mze kvlav amova: Sulxan Nasizis c'xovrebada semok' medeba. T'bilisi: Gamomc' emloba "Saari", 2007.
boyacensis, Panyapedaliodes drymaea y Corades medeba solo se registran a una altitud de 3000 msnm, siendo comunes a esta altitud.
Nymphalidae Corades chelonis Hewitson, 1863 Satyrinae Corades medeba Hewitson, 1850 Corades pannonia Hewitson, 1850 Daedalma dinias Hewitson, [1858] x Eretris Eretris calisto (C.