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It also highlighted the importance of the Kemal Ataturk National College in Medgidia, a symbol of excellent bilateral relations.
The wine-growing subdivisions belong to the following three centres: Murfatlar (Castelu, Nazarcea, Poarta Alba, Basarabi, Valu lui Traian, Ovidiu and Navodari), Medgidia (Silistea, Saligny, Mircea Voda, Pestera and Valea Dacilor) and Cernavoda (Seimeni, Cochirleni and Rasova).
The closing of the religious seminary in Medgidia in 1967, where Muslim religious leaders used to be trained, the inexistence theological departments in universities and the communist anti-religious propaganda have left their mark on the confessional identity of these groups.
1 Constanta team, control group was represented by Sport Club School Medgidia team.
Before 1989, at least 29 cities have been destroyed and rebuilt at 85-90%, such as Bucharest, Iasi, Suceava, Botosani, Vaslui, Piatra-Nemt, Bacau, Focsani, Galati, Ploiesti, Pitesti, Craiova, Slatina, Ramnicu-Valcea, Giurgiu, Slobozia, Medgidia, Constanta, Mangalia, Tulcea, etc.
The selection of the economic agents CET Palas Constanta, Midia Navodari Petrochemical Factory, Lafarge Medgidia Cement factory, but also Constanta Port.
51%, prices should be fully ON Germany) liberalized within five years Congaz Private Coshared by Ruhrgas, SNP Constanta Petrom, Distrigaz Sud, Petroconst Constanta and the local communities of Medgidia, Ovidiu, Kogalniceanu and Cogealac, prices should be fully liberalized within five years Thermal Local State Mostly owned by local providers owned communities, price level depends on the type of fuel as well as on the subsidies given by authorities Sources: Proprietatea Fund in 2013, the companies' web pages, Wikipedia.
On October 6, from "The Barracks" in Medgidia, Romania, she writes: "All the civilians have evacuated and the town is very deserted looking and signs of bombs everywhere.
In another Romanian project Sterk Plast, which manufactures more than 200 household plastic products such as buckets, bowls and litter bins in Medgidia (NOTE--SPELLING CHECKED), used a EUR345,200 grant to raise production capacity while reducing energy.
41) The hero of the Socialists, the turner-student Nicolae Vasu and the stahanovist Sarkoszi Amelia, the engineer Vlad Cornel from the "23rd of August Factory", the farmer-worker Radulescu Ion from Mironesti, the poet Dan Desliu, who won the State Prize, the student Geta Apostol, the apprentice Galman Eugenia, the shoe maker Schneider Stefan from Medgidia, Cristici Elena--teacher from Belobresca, Timisoara etc--Scdnteia Tineretului, [The Youth Spark], 23rd of July.
Medgidia entwickelte sich rasch zu einem Zentrum tatarischer Wirtschaft und Kultur in der Dobrudscha--nicht zuletzt aufgrund der Tatsache, dass viele Emigranten aus stadtischen Zentren wie Gozleve oder Kerc gekommen waren.
In 2018, the Danish furniture giant will enter new Romanian city in Medgidia