Media Gateway Control Protocol

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Media Gateway Control Protocol

(communications, protocol)
(MGCP) A protocol used within a Voice over IP system. MGCP is an IETF work in progress, it superseded SGCP.

MGCP is an internal protocol used within a distributed system that appears to the outside world as a single VoIP gateway.

This system is composed of a Call Agent, and a set of gateways, including at least one "media gateway" that performs the conversion of media signals between circuits and packets, and at least one "signalling gateway" when connected to an SS7 controlled network.

IETF MGCP draft.
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The eQueue architecture enables interoperability across multiple interfaces and protocols, including H.323, session initiation protocol (SIP), media gateway control protocol (MGCP), integrated services digital network (ISDN) and digital and analog devices, as well as support for third-patty integration.
Polycom's NetEngine Integrated Access Devices (lADs) and Tdsoft's VoNGATE Voice Access Gateway are completely interoperable using the media gateway control protocol (MGCP).
NetTest, a developer of testing, monitoring, management and optical component solutions for advanced and converged networks, has announced the MGCP (media gateway control protocol) Functional and Performance Test Suite.
* IP device control protocols (media gateway control protocol, or MGCP); session initiation protocol, or SIP; and session description protocol (SDP);
* The media gateway control protocol (MGCP) and the newer media gateway control protocol (MEGACO) are used for controlling voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) gateways from external call control agents.
In just the last year, these gateways have begun to implement protocols, such as MGCP (media gateway control protocol) and Q2931, increasing the viability of the softswitch approach.