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a city in central Rumania, on the Tirnava Mare River, in Sibiu District. Population, 55,900 (1970). Mediaş is one of the centers of natural gas production in the Transylvanian Plateau. The city’s industries include textiles, glass, leather foot-wear, food, furniture, and machine building.

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This project combined the presentation of information gleaned from media effects and interpersonal communication research with an interactive dialogue in which students' own views about and experiences with the topic were invited.
* To enhance the skills of university students and sixth graders in reading the media as constructed and constructive of their realities.
* To help students think critically about the similarities and differences between their own styles of conflict resolution and those portrayed in the media.
The secessionist attempts to withdraw from the media storm.
The critic, for example, is dissected with sympathy but no mercy: "In particular, political critics, convinced that the media are rigged against them, are often blind to other substantial reasons why their causes are unpersuasive.