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a city in central Rumania, on the Tirnava Mare River, in Sibiu District. Population, 55,900 (1970). Mediaş is one of the centers of natural gas production in the Transylvanian Plateau. The city’s industries include textiles, glass, leather foot-wear, food, furniture, and machine building.

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To enhance the skills of university students and sixth graders in reading the media as constructed and constructive of their realities.
To help students think critically about the similarities and differences between their own styles of conflict resolution and those portrayed in the media.
To test and apply academic theories about media, media literacy, and interpersonal conflict in a community setting.
Developers recognize that it requires products from many vendors to address the spectrum of their customers' requirements," said Dan Poranski, Vice President of Marketing of Voicetek (Chelmsford, Massachusetts), a firm using CT Media to develop custom computer telephony systems.
CT Media is the first commercial implementation of the SCSA (Signal Computing System Architecture) software specification, providing core services needed to allow multiple vendors' application software to interoperate and share a computer telephony server.