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Evacuation, Medical


in the armed forces of the USSR, a series of measures taken by the military medical service to evacuate the wounded and sick from the field of battle or from a focus of mass destruction to medical facilities, called collecting stations, which provide interim medical treatment. The need for medical evacuation arises when conditions at the focus of destruction sharply limit the opportunities for immediate treatment, which is the most advisable from a medical point of view. Medical evacuation is an emergency procedure that affects the health of the evacuee, since it disturbs his rest and interrupts continuous medical care. As a result, medical evacuation is not conducted unnecessarily and is carried out with the utmost care.

Because its purpose is the timely provision of qualified and specialized medical care, medical evacuation involves the rapid transfer of the sick and injured to the evacuation stages where, according to the circumstances and the medical indications, patients will receive the most efficient treatment. Special medical transports and other available means, such as supply transports, are used for the evacuation.

Medical evacuation is closely linked to triage, which is the sorting of evacuees according to the medical indications and contraindications for evacuation, the type of transport to be used, the order of evacuation, and the destination. Coordination of transportation includes such measures as examining the evacuees before departure, adjusting bandages, and administering painkillers. When used to carry the injured and the sick, supply vehicles must be made warm and must be equipped with soft bedding and additional shock-absorbing devices. These and other modifications ensure relatively comfortable traveling accommodations for the evacuees.

Medical evacuation is a vital element not only of troop medical support, but also of the public assistance provided by the civil defense medical service. It is also used in natural disasters and in other catastrophes with large numbers of victims.


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Central DNBI surveillance was achieved using medical evacuation (TRAC2ES) and in-theater hospitalization (SIDR-PASBA) records.
Attacking a medical evacuation helicopter is un-Islamic, inhumane, and a further demonstration of insurgent hypocrisy," said US Marine Corps Col.
and speedy conduct of the medical evacuation, and "highlighted that Turkish-Egyptian co-operation was fast turning into a humanitarian lifeline and a bridge for building peace
The wing's medical evacuation deployment, called a joint expeditionary tasking, marks the first time the 920th RQW has undertaken this particular role for the Army.
The company's medical evacuation services had been recognised as the foremost in the industry in the Middle East region.
A good medical evacuation plan should include the nearest facility that can stabilize a patient, a plan to medically evacuate to the next facility by air, and a medical evacuation to the country of the corporate headquarters or the headquarters of the injured executive.
It's very exciting for me to gather with everyone," added Fortezze, noting this was the first time everyone involved in the medical evacuation was able to meet.
The show was immediately canceled and the area cleared as a medical evacuation helicopter was dispatched to transport McGregor to the hospital, he said.
Army in Germany, addition equipment came from the 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment; the 236th Medical Evacuation Co.
Dan McGinnity, a spokesperson for Travel Guard International, says travel insurance policies cost 5% to 7% of your total trip, and cover five basic areas: trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical services, medical evacuation, and a 24-hour emergency travel assistance service.
Berlin will contribute a unit of modified Fuchs armoured vehicles designed to detect atomic, biological or chemical contamination, and medical evacuation teams and about 100 of the KSK special forces.
Mr Straw said the Government did not support the medical evacuation of groups into the UK and had instead donated cash to provide healthcare and other assistance in the region.

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