Medical Observation

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Observation, Medical


(in Russian, observatsia), a procedure for checking persons who have emigrated from or lived in populated regions or countries that are infected with plague, smallpox, cholera, or yellow fever. Observation is part of the way in which a nation protects its borders from incoming disease. The duration of the observation period depends on the incubation period of the disease. The incubation period is determined from the last moment of contact with a victim of the disease or from the most recent moment of departure from a geographical focus of infection.

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Earlier today, six students were still warded at Sultan Ismail Hospital for further medical observation. All were reported to be in stable condition.
Dhawan is under medical observation and travelling with the team.
Doctor Marcos, in a letter signed by him, recommended Choksi to remain under continuous medical observation and avoid travel exertion while in Antigua.
The twins, who were connected from the lower chest to the belly, were discharged in good health after spending several weeks under medical observation at Muhimbili National Hospital.
Mirriam tried to kill herself post the incident and was under medical observation. Richard alerted police about the incident and urged them to arrest his wife for recklessness and unacceptable behavior that killed their child, the ( Zambian Observ e reported.
However, those who have recurring seizures or uncontrolled epilepsy, or other conditions that require close medical observation, are recommended to avoid camping.
He is to stay under medical observation, after undergoing a tumour surgery in the neck area, affecting the spinal cord and causing pain.
Local officials said another 31 lions from the same part of the sanctuary are being kept under medical observation, though they have not shown any signs of illness so far.
After getting his treatment in France, he returned to Egypt to be under the medical observation at the Anglo American Hospital.
Bernas said their attending physician declared her safe but she still had to undergo medical observation.
The convicts are under a constant medical observation and get a treatment every day.

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