Medical Observation

Observation, Medical


(in Russian, observatsia), a procedure for checking persons who have emigrated from or lived in populated regions or countries that are infected with plague, smallpox, cholera, or yellow fever. Observation is part of the way in which a nation protects its borders from incoming disease. The duration of the observation period depends on the incubation period of the disease. The incubation period is determined from the last moment of contact with a victim of the disease or from the most recent moment of departure from a geographical focus of infection.

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The convicts are under a constant medical observation and get a treatment every day.
During the time she was in medical observation, Monterrosa-Flores was in communication with her attorney.
By: Mahmoud Sheleib CAIRO - 26 November 2017: Bayern Munich confirmed on Sunday on its official website that the team's midfielder James Rodriguez will be under medical observation for several days.
The integrating provider offers a special care of tracheostoma-ventilated care-requiring persons with a high demand for special treatment care and medical observation by specialized nursing staff.
An SMC paediatric department team conducted the complex five-hour operation, and the child recovered, and was discharged after a two-week convalescence under medical observation.
The story of the Baudelaire orphans is so upsetting and so utterly unnerving, and the cast and crew of the show are suffering from low morale, a word which here means, under medical observation for melancholia, ennui, and acute wistfulness,' he said.
After the initial medical observation, it was revealed that the victim, who was smothered to death in his Safdarjung Enclave house, had same sex partners.
Combined with classical tissue examination, these dynamic imaging technologies vastly extended the boundaries of medical observation.
The statement said that the police "were prompt" in apprehending the suspect, who had a sword in his possession, and a brother, adding that five policemen were injured, two seriously who remained under medical observation.
A SMC medical team conducted the ninety-minute surgery this morning on the two-day-old girl who is being kept under medical observation at the newborn babies ward.
The report stated he suffered a chest infection, high sugar level and dehydration, which required medical observation.
Besides, she said that ten wounded are still under medical observation in the Tunisian hospitals, commending, "the availability of the Tunisian medical staff and devotion and bravery of the intervention of the security forces and the Tunisian army as well as the tourist guides and the bus drivers during this terrorist act," the statement reads.

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