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see alfalfaalfalfa
or lucern
, perennial leguminous plant (Medicago sativa) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), the most important pasture and hay plant in North America, also grown extensively in Argentina, S Europe, and Asia.
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Informal a doctor, medical orderly, or medical student
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Sculthorpe, who retired from the Navy as a senior chief medical corpsman in 1973, kept following up when the initial paperwork did not provide the desired result.
Army Special Forces as a medical corpsman during the Vietnam War.
At 18, she joined the Navy as a WAVE and was assigned as a medical corpsman at Los Alamitos Naval Air Station.
Army as a medical corpsman and served overseas during World War II.
Technology is advancing so fast, he said, the lasers could reduced to the size of a pen easily carried by a medical corpsman.
He served in the Army post World War II as a Medical Corpsman in Japan.

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