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see alfalfaalfalfa
or lucern
, perennial leguminous plant (Medicago sativa) of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), the most important pasture and hay plant in North America, also grown extensively in Argentina, S Europe, and Asia.
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Informal a doctor, medical orderly, or medical student
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In addition to the deplorable immediate deaths and injuries, attacks on medical personnel and facilities have devastating long-term consequences for civilians and national health care systems in affected countries.
Over the past four years, a total of 610 medical personnel were killed, 139 of whom were tortured or executed, according to the report.
Dozens of medical personnel protested on Thursday, carrying signs that read "No to Subcontractors
It is therefore the onus of the librarian to use his professional skills and mastery in information selection/acquisition, retrieval, packaging and repackaging as well as dissemination to provide quality information pieces for the medical personnel, the patients and other medical library users in search for healthy information.
Konstantinov on his part underscored the importance of training of medical personnel and exchange of scientific information with special attention to area of prophylactics.
While DOD's 2007 Military Health System Human Capital Strategic Plan emphasizes developing human capital solutions across the services to enable departmentwide decision making and analyses, the services' collaborative planning efforts regarding requirements determination for medical personnel working in fixed military treatment facilities have been limited.
Extensions: This is an excellent resource for preservice and inservice medical personnel (e.
To better understand the effects of war on medical personnel, including physicians, nurses, enlisted medical technicians, and other health care workers, who are assigned within the combat theater, Dr.
More research is needed to evaluate the psychological impact of combat deployment on medical personnel and to provide direction in addressing their mental health needs, Dr.
ATLANTA -- Medical personnel returning from combat deployment experience rates of post-traumatic stress disorder only slightly below those of returning soldiers, a study has shown.
Eli produces about three dozen newsletters training medical personnel on coding compliance under the title of the 2001-acquired Coding Institute.
A secondary goal of the EAH Consensus Development Conference was to prepare a statement that would serve to curtail the growing problem of EAH by disseminating the most current information to both medical personnel and the greater public on the prevalence, nature and treatment of this disorder.

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