organ transplant

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organ transplant:

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surgical procedure by which a tissue or organ is removed and replaced by a corresponding part, usually from another part of the body or from another individual.
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The Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority Act, 2014, seeks to regulate transplantation in the province by the government to put brakes on illegal transplantations and encourage hospitals with available infrastructures to start procedures and save lives.
The authority set up as per provision of KP Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority Act 2014, would regulate, monitor and control the transplantation of human organs besides work for establishing Provincial Regulatory and Regional Networks for evaluating quality and outcome of transplant centres.
The authority has been set up as per provision of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority Act 2014.
PESHAWAR -- Health experts stressed the need for launching awareness campaign to promote organ donations among the people as Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority accorded recognition to Institute of Kidney Disease (IKD) for kidney transplantation on Thursday.
Several passed bills focused on good governance by regulating government institutions in different fields of farm services, food security, public private partnership, medical transplantation, energy development and tenancy.

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