Medicinal Leech

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Medicinal Leech


(Hirudo medicinalis), an annelid of the class Hirudinea. Average body length, 12 cm.

The dorsal side of the medicinal leach is greenish, with orange stripes and black spots. The gullet has three toothed mandibles bordered by salivary ducts. The medicinal leech inhabits fresh waters in central and southern Europe and the Middle East. It feeds on the blood of large mammals that enter the watering places where it is found. The saliva of the leech contains hirudin, an anticoagulant, which causes the wounds inflicted by the mandibles to bleed for a long time. Medicinal leeches are used for therapeutic bloodletting and, in modern medicine, in the treatment of thrombophlebitis, hypertension, and prestroke conditions.


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Only the medicinal leeches are used for treatment, which are brown, red striped and olive-coloured.
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The medicinal leech, a worm-like creature once used by doctors to bleed patients, is being examined to draw clues on how a common protein may help promote neural regeneration.
Examples include a mussel, a medicinal leech, a damselfly, a giant earthworm, a butterfly, and a giant clam.
Summary: In Russia, a medicinal leech costs less than $1, and a typical application requires three to seven of the ravenous little creatures
The medicinal leech has been the physician's ally since the year 900 CE.
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