Mediterranean Climate

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Mediterranean climate

[‚med·ə·tə′rā·nē·ən ′klī·mət]
A type of climate characterized by hot, dry, sunny summers and a winter rainy season; basically, this is the opposite of a monsoon climate. Also known as etesian climate.

Mediterranean Climate


a subtropical climate with hot dry summers and mild rainy winters. It occurs in the countries of the Mediterranean region; in the USSR such a climate is found on the Southern Crimean Shore and along the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus northwest of Tuapse. Variations of the Mediterranean climate are observed in the subtropical latitudes along the Pacific coast of North and South America, in southwestern Africa, and in Australia.

Regions with a Mediterranean climate come under the dominant influence of subtropical anticyclones in the summer and experience strong cyclonic activity in winter. In most of the Mediterranean the mean monthly temperature is 20°–25°C in summer and 5°–12°C in winter. The annual precipitation is usually 400–600 mm (more than 1,000 mm in places in the mountains), with the minimum occurring in summer, a time of drought. A permanent snow cover never forms. Owing to greater oceanic influence, the Mediterranean climate in southwestern Africa, the Americas, and Australia is marked by cooler summers (15°–20°C) and milder winters (10°–15°C). In the eastern and southern Mediterranean there is a continental variant of the Mediterranean climate with less precipitation (up to 100–200 mm a year). The Southwest Asian Highlands have a cold winter. The natural vegetation in regions with a Mediterranean climate consists of many drought-resistant species, including evergreen trees and shrubs.


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Rome's Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea usually results in mild winters, with restaurants often keeping outdoor seating open even through the coldest months of the year.
The district of lrrach is located in the extreme southwest of germany and is characterized by a warm, partly mediterranean climate.
Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, this region is also gifted with natural wonders and breathtaking rock formations, such as the 250-million-year-old flat-top Table Mountain, a stunning landmark that one can reach by hiking or through cableway.
The Mediterranean Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment (Med-CORDEX) initiative aims at coordinating the Mediterranean climate modeling community toward the development of fully coupled regional climate simulations, improving all relevant components of the system from atmosphere and ocean dynamics to land surface, hydrology, and biogeochemical processes.
Merenlender then led us down to a seasonal creek at Hopland REC that illustrates a related strand of her research -- the restoration of streams in Mediterranean climate systems.
With its Mediterranean climate and a vibrant coastline littered with beaches, Montenegro is a truly up and coming destination which will provide more than a match for the long-established med resorts.
And gardens didn't just stay awake in winter; California natives and other Mediterranean climate plants, such as South African Leucospermum, came alive.
Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Sept 12 (ONA) Al Jabal Al Akhdar, for its unique climate, similar to the Mediterranean climate, has various plants and high quality of its crops.
Coos County is classified as having a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, and that may be technically correct - but anyone who has spent a chilly weekend in a coastal campsite would have a hard time deciding which word in the label is least fitting.
The design meets rigorous energy-saving and sustainability goals and will take advantage of the mild Mediterranean climate to reduce energy usage.
00 The Greek island of Corfu sits in the Ionian Islands off the North West coast of Greece, where the hot summer months and mild Mediterranean climate create a great holiday destination.
Despite the city's long-established links to the Irish capital, it appears the pull of the Catalan city - with its stunning Gaudi architecture and Mediterranean climate - is proving a strong one for Scousers.

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