Mediterranean fever

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Mediterranean fever:

see brucellosisbrucellosis
or Bang's disease,
infectious disease of farm animals that is sometimes transmitted to humans. In humans the disease is also known as undulant fever, Mediterranean fever, or Malta fever.
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Mediterranean fever

[‚med·ə·tə′rā·nē·ən ′fē·vər]
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Resistin and visfatin: are they valuable enough to be the differential diagnosis in familial Mediterranean fever with acute appendicitis?
Familial Mediterranean fever is the result of mutations in the MEFV gene encoding pyrin that is a regulatory component of the intracellular inflammasome complex required for the conversion of pro-interleukin (IL)-1[beta] into active IL-1[beta].
Familial Mediterranean fever is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by recurrent episodes of fever, peritonitis, pleuritis, and arthritis.[2] Previous studies have reported that 90% of patients have abdominal, 75% have articular, and 45% have pleural episodes.
Distribution of the maternal origins of patients with familial Mediterranean fever and juvenile idiopathic arthritis by geographic regions Note: Table made from Bar-graph Distribution of the paternal origins as percentiles by geographical regions FMF JIA Black Sea 47,3 40,7 Central Anatolia 21,7 11,3 Eastern Anatolia 21,1 21,1 Marmara 3,9 12,8 Southeast 3,6 11,8 Mediterranean 1,7 0,5 Aegeon 0,7 1,6 Figure 2.
Although very atypical in presentation, the diagnosis of familial Mediterranean fever was considered given the robust response to steroids and his Armenian descent.
Giovinale et al., "Familial Mediterranean fever: a review for clinical management," Joint Bone Spine, vol.
The onset age of disease, disease duration, clinical findings (fever, abdominal pain, chest pain, joint pain, and rash), dose and duration of medication, and Mediterranean fever mutation were recorded for each patient.
Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a hereditary autoinflammatory disease characterized by repeated attacks of fever abdominal pain, pleuritic chest pain, and arthritis.
Alghamdi, "Familial Mediterranean fever, review of the literature," Clinical Rheumatology, vol.

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