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Mediterranean fruit fly:

see fruit flyfruit fly,
common name for any of the flies of the families Tephritidae and Drosophilidae. All fruit flies are very small insects that lay their eggs in various plant tissues.
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Mediterranean Fruit Fly


(Ceratias capitata), an insect of the family Trypetidae, a dangerous crop pest. The body is 4.5 mm long. The mottled wings are marked with dark noncontinuous bands. The Mediterranean fruit fly is common in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Oceania. It does not occur in the USSR, but it is an object of quarantine, since its larvae are easily transported with various fruits. The fly is polyphagous, damaging more than 70 plant species (for example, apricot, peach, orange, mandarin, apple, pear, grape, and tomato). The female deposits eggs on the skin of ripe fruit; the larvae hatch one or two days later and feed on the fruit for two to three weeks, causing it to rot. The number of generations varies with climatic conditions. Quarantine measures in the USSR and other countries that import citrus fruits largely consist of limiting imports to the winter and disinfecting fruits by heat or chemical agents.

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Mediterranean fruit flies display a lek mating system (Prokopy and Hendrichs 1979; Arita and Kaneshiro 1989; Hendrichs and Hendrichs 1990; Whittier et al.
More recent irradiation experiments, especially those involving Mediterranean fruit flies in California, appear somewhat more promising.
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Massive numbers of lab-reared beneficial wasps can be deployed outdoors to attack Mediterranean fruit flies and other tropical and subtropical fruit fly pests.
In his second term, the state lost an estimated $100 million during an infestation of Mediterranean fruit flies while Brown flip-flopped on the issue of aerial pesticide spraying.
Exposure to [alpha]-copaene and [alpha]-copaene-containing oils enhances mating success of male Mediterranean fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae).
Mediterranean fruit flies will be about now that the fruits are ripening and the skins much softer for them to probe and lay their eggs inside.
Mediterranean fruit flies were discovered in Los Angeles County in recent days and an aggressive eradication effort has begun, agricultural authorities said Monday.
Visual response of South American fruit flies, Anastrepha fraterculus, and Mediterranean fruit flies, Ceratitis capitata, to colored rectangles and spheres.
The Thousand Oaks resident now can note when the house finch population drops, as it did last year following aerial spraying for Mediterranean fruit flies over Camarillo.

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