a lake in Kurgan Oblast, RSFSR. Area, 61.3 sq km. Located in the eastern part of the Tobol-Ishim interfluve at an altitude of 113 m. Lake Medvezh’e has no outlet and is salty. It is fed by melting snow. The average water temperature in summer is approximately 20°C. It freezes over in some years (from November through March). The health resort of Medvezh’e Ozero is on the lake.

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(67) The structure of these exports hasn't changed much; one expert notes that "[e]ver since Soviet times, Russian gas production has been relying on three large gas condensate fields at Urengoy, Yamburg and Medvezhe, in North-Western Siberia." (68) Whereas the structure of most energy relationships can shift rapidly, the way natural gas is exported implies a slow evolution in its export stats.
The Russian energy sector, moreover, requires not only foreign technology and technical know-how, but also sizable investment to replace aging oil fields in Western Siberia (such as the important Samotlor Field), to offset declining gas output in the Tyumen region (notably its giant fields of Medvezhe, Yamburgskoe, and Urengoiskoe), and to develop new fields in the Far East or the Arctic.